Ukhuwah fillah abadan abada.. Syukran 'alaikum

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Special thanks for all of u..

Assalamualaikum w.b.t..

How's ur feeling today.. Suddenly i felt like i want to post in English.. so i did it.. When i was relaxing my mind or should i say i was boring, i thought of my friends that always help me and being good friends although i'm in bad situations and willing to hear my problems.. thanks guys and i hope that our friendship will end up till the heaven only bcoz of Allah.. it doesn't mean that i don't appreciate the other friends but i want to give special credits for u..

My special thanks for;

K'A: ur really my best friend forever.. although i know u will read this later but i will never forget u.. u make me feel the real friendship and always taught me new things.. thanks and i apologise for all my mistakes.. love u ;)

NAS: really thanks bcoz u had been patient with my behaviour that sometimes can hurt ur feeling,, i admit it.. also thanks for being a nice friend for me to lend ur shoulder when i cried..i apologise and i hope u will always be there for me.. uhibbuki fillah.. ^_^

NNN: although i only know u not even one month but like i've said,, i really loves this friendship.. thank u very much for lending me ur ears and called me only to help me.. my hope that u and me can have a wonderful friendship.. and i pray for ur happiness with ur mr. aj.. :)

JKS: u know why i'm giving u my special thanks?? bcoz u helped me a lot.. thanks for listening to me, supporting me and encouraging.. i really appreciate ur advices for me also for sharing with me many brilliant things.. and i'm hoping for the best to both of us.. insyaAllah :)

for all of u.. thousands thanks and appreciation and only Allah can reward u..
J'apprécie vraiment cette amitié ..

for all of us.. hope that all of us will success in our SPM,, this world and the next.. ganbatte kudasai~ no matter what happen,, always remember our creator..

das ist alles von mir.. salam ukhuwah <3 p/s: * try to search ur name.. :D # for all viewers,, thanks..


  1. alia ,, thnx + trime ksih + syukran ~ trharu ♥ ♥ ♥ ~ kte pn mnx maaf gak .. klu ad wat slp kat alia ,, pape pn ,, ana aidhan !~ ♥ uhibbuki fillah too !~ UKHWAH FILLAH ABADAN ABADA ~ ;D